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BBNS is America's most affordable supplier of LED and glass neon signs.

Best Buy Neon Signs based in Los Angels serving quality neon signs at most reasonable price since 1983.

Welcome to Best Buy Neon Signs online store! We offer the best LED and glass neon signs for an eye-catching look of your environment at your home, businesses, weddings, or birthday events, for a business logo, bar signs & more. Be it a house number, business logo, your name, birthday party, favourite quote, an eye-catching statement, song’s lyrics, or whatever neon-ify it! Want to add love to your personal space? Make it vibrant? Want to feel nostalgic? Add a stunning look to your event. Try shopping for Glass Neon signs because Neon signs are more than just adding light. Neon signs give a different look and feel to your home or business. They are a perfect solution for adding colors to your canvas of life and making you feel optimistic, energetic, and happy. In recent years, neon lightening fashion has prospered as trendy wall art decoration in different places. Thanks to this trend, you can now enlighten your space with a variety of neon LED signs which are efficient, durable, child saves, environmentally friendly, and high quality with an affordable price range. Best Buy Neon Signs is a multinational company located in Los Angeles, serving quality neon signs since 1983. BBNS provides you with high-quality and durable glass and LED neon signs at affordable prices. We offer classic glass neon and modern LED flex neon signs as our speciality. All of our best neon signs are custom designed and handmade. Neon lovers can order from any part of the world, and we will deliver them within 2 to 3 weeks, as we believe in faster shipping.

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Nostalgic | Various installation methods | Bright and truly special

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Best Selling Neon Signs


Business neon signs are a sensational way to fascinate your customers and turn your business into an opportunity for capturing pictures and trending them all over social media platforms. Amazing logos or statements leave a deep impression on people’s lives. Neon business signs are not only used to attract customers but to give a vintage lighting experience at your shops, entrances, or lobby with dim lights. It creates a welcoming sign for your customers, making a perfect welcoming look. Business neon signs have turned from just “open” to a different perspective. They can now be found anywhere at hair salons, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, beers, beauty salons, nightclubs, yoga studios, and many more. Entrepreneurial businesses that are catering to their social circles are focusing on using business neon signs to create a vibrant, funky look. Want to make your business trendy? Just decorate one of your walls with custom neon signs as a background for selfies! Giving a quirky look on all social media platforms with a neon trend for free advertising via sharing.


Want to brighten up your wedding and make it even more special? Then go on an excellent neon wedding sign! Neon wedding signs are to create hype for your wedding or reception. To give a popup look at your wedding, display your couple’s name, the memorable date, song, wedding hashtag, and many more. Neon lights are a particular part of your wedding, from welcome signage to directions, greetings, decor, photo booth, and backdrop. They provide an ambience and vibrant look for your wedding. Wedding neon signs are a good option for an attractive décor. An elegant hand-crafted neon sign designed for the wedding can also be used later as a home wall décor as it is durable. Wedding neon signs can also greet guests or welcome them more modernly with vibrant, glowing colors. Want to keep your wedding hashtag trending? Then design your own sign by putting it in neon. We can also make amazing combinations with neon wedding signs, such as the use of candles, flowers, a vibrant backdrop, and much more. Neon sign for wedding gifts is a modern approach, and you can put a couple’s name or any message or wish you want to give to that couple. Put lights into it, and your perfect gift is ready, which can be used in all the events and for room decoration.


Want to attract customers? Go for neon bar signs as they are the most unique and eye-catching décor with bright lights and a funky bold look at night. These neon signs won’t only attract customers to walk in but will highlight your bars and beers and give a jazzy look at nighttime. Custom neon bar signs can provide a radiant look for your beer and bar clubs from a dull and unattractive appearance. We have expertise in crafted and personalized beer and bar custom signs with different types of shapes and excellent catchy words to capture customers. Every bar and beer club has different interiors, such as coffee shops, bars, dance floors, and counters, and they need a different scenario for filling up light. Managers usually go with an affordable interior, and neon signs are the best way for it. Our custom neon bar signs aren’t harmful because neon is a non-reactive gas and isn’t hazardous in kitchens or these environments. It is handy and can be plugged in and out quickly.


Greet your guests, customers, friends, and acquaintances at weddings, parties, gyms, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, or anywhere in a stylish and eye-capturing way with welcome neon signs. Be it simple and yet attractive! Hang these “welcome” neon signs on your doorway, signage, or at the main door giving a groovy look at the entrance and lightening up the mood of your loved ones. Neon signs can change your perspective and give you positive vibes with an optimistic surrounding. Salutation with “welcome” or “open” neon signs leaves a good impression. These trendy elements are a perfect way to show your creativity and love regarding the ambience of your home or business. Jaw-dropping neon welcome signs and open neon signs leave a feeling of self-inspiration, and people are more likely to explore. This creates strong bonding, love, and passion for people and their environment.


Are you bored with these popular neon signs for sale? Then design your own sign. We are just a click away! For your personalized and customized neon sign for wall art decorations at home, businesses, bars and beers, wedding events or birthday parties, baby showers, and much more. To bring a dazzling approach to your home and turn it into an immersive spectacle, you need to look at custom neon signs for sale on our browser, customize them according to your creativity, choose whatever font or style you want, and decide your colors, shape it into anything out of the box, let it be something unique which suits your mood and give a great look to your room, garage or any wall at your home. Once you customize it, we will neon-ify it! Lighting up your home is our responsibility! Want to give a present? Go for our neon signs, customize them accordingly, and put their name, a wish, any logo or a quote, or a song they love most. Want a new business logo? Contact us! We will make sure to design your own sign as per your requirements, and this will be the best idea you won’t regret choosing us! If you are not satisfied with our online browser for your customized neon signs, then contact us for any changes to be made. We customize your neon signs with the same quality, effectiveness, and cost as readymade neon signs. We believe in shipping as soon as possible but need approximately 2 to 3 weeks for shipping worldwide.

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The cost of a neon sign depends on various factors, such as style, size, and design. However, it may cost from $250 to $ 1000+.

Mostly neon signs last up to eight to fifteen years and much longer, depending on how you use them. Leaving it plugged into the switch for long hours may shorten its lifespan.

Neon signs are free from glass and mercury, so they are home friendly. They are easy to install and save for children. You can easily hang them on the wall and replace them whenever you feel like it.

No! Neon is a non-reactive gas that doesn’t react with other elements and is non-explosive.

Yes! Leaving neon signs on 24/7 may increase the lifespan of your neon signs.

It will take approximately 2-3 weeks for our shipment to reach your doorsteps.


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